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An uninhibited exploration of life and living. The general tone is that of a negation of most of the things people do and think to fill their inner vacuum. As such I see life pretty much as a Buddhist might see it – driven by desires, and the desires themselves being the cause of much suffering.

Does this mean that people who think in such ways are incurable pessimists and depressed? Quite the opposite in reality. To find satisfaction in oneself, without the need for external novelty is a source of great joy. And again, this does not mean social isolation or negative demeanor. It just means an inner passivity, a diminishing of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’, and an acceptance of things as they are – even our own emotional states.

Only two things are needed to achieve inner acquiescence – to stare the beast of sentient life in the face, and to see through every thought that would call itself ‘I”. But to be sure, this is always going to be a minority interest. Most people are incurably attached to their suffering.


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