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Beyond Pleasure and Pain

Gurdjieff, Zapffe and the Terror of the Situation

Most of us simply cannot look reality squarely in the eyes – it is too frightening.

Gurdjieff – Sleep and Waking Up

What is sleep and how do we wake up?

Gurdjieff – Man as Machine and the Illusion of Free Will

Gurdjieff – On Being Special

We all think we are special – which makes us all ordinary.

Spinoza’s God – Right Under Your Nose

Spinoza defines the essence of God as existence, and existence is something we are so familiar with that we totally overlook it. It is the key to understanding a great deal about the nature of reality.

Gurdjieff – a common sense approach

Gurdjieff, more than most spiritual teachers, is surrounded by very large amounts of nonsense. Some tips on how to approach his teachings and the man himself.